Flat Rate Shipping Labels

If you would like to print Flat Rate Labels from any of your orders, please follow these simple instructions. We are actively working to have these options available by default.

1. In your Foraged Seller Dashboard, go to the Settings page and click on the Configure button next to the Live Rates shipping option.

2. Check the box next to Enable Live Rates.

3. After checking the box, the Live Rates settings should populate on the page. Scroll down to Enabled Carriers section and click on the pencil in the USPS section to add Flat Rate as an option.

4. Add the Flat Rate option for USPS by checking the box next to the setting. Be sure to Save Changes when you are done checking the box.

5. Finally, add a custom box size by selecting the Add Box button under the Custom Boxes section.

6. Fill in the details of the box including the name, size, weight of empty box and max weight that the package is willing to handle. Be sure to click Save Box when you are done.

7. Check and ensure all settings on the page are correct for your business including the packing strategy and rate adjustment if necessary. Click Save Changes and you are ready! You can now print Flat Rate shipping labels or use your own custom box sizes if you wish during the label creation process outlined here.