How to Add Free Local Pickup to Your Listings

Here at Foraged, we know how incredibly important it is to shop local. The best way for vendors to reach customers in their area is to use the Local Pickup shipping option when adding products to their shop. Here’s how you can do that very quickly.

1) Once you’ve added the necessary information at the top of the listing like price, description and images, you can then scroll down to the Shipping section and select “Free Local Pick-up” as an option for your listing. Fill out the mandatory information in the fields that expand upon selecting the option.

2) Upon filling out the remainder of the listing, make sure to click “Submit” so that your product settings are saved to the platform.  Your product will be available for Local Pickup once the settings are saved. Unsure if it is working? You can double check by making sure the following icon is showing on the product thumbnail image:


3) You’re all set! Any new orders that come in with this shipping option selected will show in the order email. The customer has the ability to choose the time and date that is dependent upon the processing time that you set for the listing.