How to Change Shipping Carriers

Sometimes it is necessary to change the speed or type of shipping that you would like to offer on your Foraged shop when you are using Live Rates. Here’s a quick and easy article on how to change your shipping carrier in the settings of the Vendor Dashboard.

1) In the Vendor Dashboard, head over to the Settings page. Scroll down to the Shipping section.

2) Once to the Settings section, click the Configure button next to the Live Rates shipping.

3) Once on the Configure page, scroll down to the Enabled Carriers section. Next, check the box to the left of the carrier that you’d like to use.

4) To set the individual speeds of the carrier, click the pencil icon on the far right of the Carrier block.

5) Scroll down to the Enabled Services section of the pop-up and check the box next to the speeds that you’d like to use.

6) Make sure to click the Save Changes button towards the bottom of the modal.