How to List a Simple Product

Get Started: From your Seller Account page, click on “Seller Dashboard” and then click “Add Product”.

Step 1: Input the required information about your product (title, description, price, product category, etc.).

Step 2 : Upload a good, clear photo of your product.

Here are some examples of photos that get customers to purchase:


Step 3: Click on the Shipping tab to set up your product for shipments. Fill in the required information (weight, dimensions, shipping method, etc.).

  • For Free Shipping: simply uncheck the box for Default and then select Free Shipping from the dropdown menu.
  • For Live Rate/Flat Rate: Set your shipping details in Store Settings, and then select your preferred option from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Submit!

Once you have input all the necessary information, take a second to review your listing. Click Draft to save your progress, and then click Preview.

When you are ready, you can return to the Add Product page and click Submit, which will publish your product to the Foraged shop.