How to List a Variable Product

Sometimes, a certain product that a vendor might offer comes in different sizes. For example, a tincture might come in a 1oz, 2oz or 4oz bottle. This article lays out how you can easily add a product that has different sizes, weights or volumes. Also known as a Variable Product.

1). In the Seller Dashboard, head on over the Add Product page. Once there, select Variable Product from the dropdown at the top of the page.

2) Enter a Product TitlePrice, Short Description, Main Image and add it to the proper category.

3) In the Inventory section, select In Stock. In the Shipping section, add the average weight and dimension of the different sizes you are offering. Add your Processing Time and select your shipping type.

4) In the Attributes tab, make sure to select one of the attributes that best describes the difference in price for the product you are offering. It can be either Size, Volume or Weight.

5) Once expanded, click into the main attribute box to search for the attribute that accurately identifies your product offerings.

6) Don’t see your option? Simply click the Add New button on the bottom right-hand side of the selected attribute tab.

7) In the pop-up form that is activated, enter the desired attribute and click the OK button.

8) As the attributes populate in the box, they will show up as tiles as seen in the following screenshot.

9) Once you are complete with adding all of the attributes, make sure to keep Visible on the product page and Use as Variation checked.

10) Scroll down to the Variations tab and click it once in order to activate the Attributes that you’ve just added.

11) Once the Variations are active, select the desired Attribute to add in and fill out the remaining pertinent information.

12) To add another Variation, simply click the plus icon at the bottom right-hand side of the Variations section.

13) Once you are completed filling out all of your variations, ensure that the remaining pertinent product information is filled in and click Submit at the bottom of the page. Congrats! You’ve made a variable product. Customers can now choose from multiple sizes in one listing.