How to List a Virtual Experience

Have a Foraged Experience that you’d like to offer that is online? Keep reading to see how you can easily list an online experience for customers.

1) In the Seller Dashboard, head on over to the Add Product page to start the listing process.

2) Ensure that the “Experiences” box is checked and that the product is set to “Simple”, which is the normal setting for adding a product.

3) Next you need to name your Experience! Keep it short and sweet. After you name your Experience, set a price, add it to the Experiences category and describe your event in detail. If the virtual event is on a certain date and time, please make sure to be transparent. You need to be precise in your description!

4) As you get to the Inventory tab, make sure to check the Manage Stock? option and put the amount of spaces you have for the virtual experience (if any). You can uncheck this option and leave it as just In Stock if you don’t need to keep track.

5) You can skip the Location, Bulk Discount and Waitlist tabs if they don’t apply to your listing.

6) Towards the bottom of the page, make sure to select Yes next to the question Is this product an Experience?.

7) Select a Date and Time for your Experience if applicable. You can skip these fields if they don’t apply to your virtual Experience.

8) Next, make sure to customize the email that goes to the customers who purchase your virtual Experience. This is a very helpful spot to inform the customer when it is, what the link to access the event is and any other pertinent information for the online event.

9) Click Submit when finished and your virtual Experience is live!