How to List an Experience

Have an enriching Experience that you’d like to share to the public? Maybe it’s a nature walk looking for wild mushrooms or an in-person class on cultivating food! Whatever the Experience, you can now list it on Foraged in no time. Keep reading to learn how to list an Experience on Foraged for others to enjoy.

Click here if you are listing a virtual Experience

1) In the Seller Dashboard, head on over to the Add Product page to start the listing process. Ensure that the “Experiences” box is checked and that the product is set to “Simple”, which is the normal setting for adding a product.

2) Next you need to name your Experience! Keep it short and sweet. After you name your Experience you will need to set a price, add it to the Experiences category and describe your event in detail. Makes sure to be precise in your description! Adding information like what to bring, where you’ll meet and other important details greatly helps out the customer.

3) Set your inventory to In Stock for your Experience if you don’t want to keep inventory of the amount of spots you have for the Experience.

Alternatively, you can put the amount of spots that you have by checking the Manage Stock? option.

4) If you are meeting your customers at a physical location, make sure to put that in the Location tab.

5) Towards the bottom of the page, make sure to select Yes next to the question Is this product an Experience?.

6) Select a Date and Time for your Experience if applicable. You can skip these fields if they don’t apply.

7) Next, make sure to customize the email that goes to the customers who purchase your Experience. This is a very helpful spot to inform the customer when it is, the specific address or location to meet, what to bring, what you don’t need to bring, parking guidance, etc.

8) Click Submit at the bottom of the page and share your Experience with the world!