How to Message a Vendor

If you wish to connect with a seller before purchasing or if you would like to inquire about an order, it’s really quite easy. Keep reading to quickly learn how to contact a vendor directly.

For customers who need help with an order

1) Head on over to your Foraged account and go to the My Purchases page. From there, click on the View button next to the Order that you are inquiring about.

2) Once on the specific order page, scroll down to the Order Details section and click on the vendor’s name that you’d like to contact. It will be the light blue hyperlink under the product name.

3) Once on the vendor’s store page, simply click the Message Seller button on the page.

4) Fill out the form details, add your Order number and then click Submit.


For customers who have a general question about a product

01) On the product page, click the Message Seller button under the Add to Cart button.

2) Enter you message and which product you are interested in on the form that shows up. Click Submit once you are done.