How to Set Up Shipping by Country

Sometimes vendors would like to restrict their shipping to only allow shipment to certain countries. Whether you are based in the US and do not allow for shipments outside the US, or you’d like to add additional costs to shipments outside of your country, Foraged has several options to choose from. Keep reading to learn how to quickly alter your shipping options to satisfy your requirements.

1) In the Seller Dashboard, head on over to the Flat Rate configuration settings page. Once there, click the Add Profile button.

2) In the pop-up modal that appears, name your profile accordingly. If you are using the settings for just a country, you can name it after the country for easy identification. Once named, select the country you’d like to target and enter a price. If you’d like Free Shipping for the country, enter zero for the cost.

3) If you would like to add additional costs for each state our county, you may do so by selecting the dropdown below the country. Once added. click Save. Remember that any country that falls outside of the zones you put here will not be able to be shipped to. Make sure to add all of the countries you’d like to ship to on this modal.

4) To add the profile to a product and restrict the shipping areas, go to the My Products page and click on the product that you’d like to add it to. Once on the Edit Product page, scroll down to the shipping settings and select Flat Rate as an option and select the profile that you just set up.

5) Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen once complete. If you’d like to add this to multiple products, select other products and repeat Step 4.

6) Want to have Live Rates instead of Flat Rate? Learn how to set it up here. Make sure you use a carrier that is global if you do decide to ship outside of your country.