How to setup Free Shipping

The data doesn’t lie, people don’t like paying for shipping.

Increasing your product price and offering Free Shipping makes your customers think they are getting a higher valued item, with the added bonus of Free Shipping.

It’s a common tactic among sellers that is proven to work and it’s an excellent way to attract new buyers and keep sales going swiftly and consistently. Not only does free shipping entice your buyers, it is also extremely easy to setup on Foraged.

1. Head over to your seller dashboard. Click on the Settings menu item from the sidebar dashboard menu, then head to the Shipping section.

2. Make sure to check the Enable Shipping checkbox and select Free Shipping from the Method list below. Click Save when complete.

3. To offset the cost of the shipping price, simply “bake” your shipping cost into your product price. We highly recommend choosing a Flat Rate shipping price when you print your shipping labels in your seller dashboard so that you have the same cost every time. That’s it! You are ready to be selling with Free Shipping on your Foraged store. You will receive a Foraged Free Shipping Badge upon completion of this step. Please allow 24-48hrs for the Free Shipping badge to populate.