How to setup Per Product Shipping

Per product shipping is a useful tool to easily set shipping rates based on which mushroom product you are selling. Setup is simple and can be done in just a few steps:

1. In the seller dashboard, click on the Products menu item to view all of your products. Locate the product you’d like to edit the shipping rate of and click on the Edit icon: 

2. Scroll down to the product settings section and click on Shipping:

3. At the Shipping Method field, uncheck the Use Default option and choose from one of these options:

Free Shipping: Grants a rate of 0 for the product.

Live Rates: Uses the Live Rates that you have set in your shipping settings. You can set Live Rates up by following these instructions.

Flat Rate: Grants a flat rate for the product. If you would like to set a flat rate, go to the Shipping Profile page in the seller dashboard and setup shipping profiles/rates to your liking. You can read how to do that here.

3a. To use a Shipping Profile on a particular product, choose from the dropdown list which profile you would like to use for the product:

3b. Choose your Calculation Method preferences and what the Maximum Charge should be (if you’d like one) and then hit Publish or Save on the dashboard page for the product.