I have an issue with my order

If you suspect your purchase is lost in the mail, there are steps you can take to try to locate your package. You can also work with your seller to get tracking information or file a shipping insurance claim, if necessary.

If your order’s tracking information shows that the order was delivered, first check whether someone else in your household or office accepted it. Also, sometimes it can take an extra day for the carrier to deliver the package, even if the tracking information says it was delivered. It’s possible the package arrived at your local postal facility or shipping hub, but just hasn’t made its way to your door yet.

Communicate with the seller

Be sure to communicate with your seller about the order status through Messages.

Sellers are generally eager to provide great customer service and may be able to provide tracking information or work with you to find the best possible outcome.

Ask the seller to file a shipping insurance claim

If a shipping insurance claim needs to be filed with the shipping company, the seller will need to do this on their end. The seller may need information from you or ask you to complete documentation in order to process the claim.

If your package was not insured, you may be able to open a missing mail search request with the shipping carrier. Contact them directly for more information about their options.

Tips for future orders

While transit issues can happen to anyone, there are things you can do proactively to avoid them.

Always review your shipping address prior to completing your order, even if this information has not changed recently.

If the shipping carrier is not specified and you’ve had issues with mail delivery in the past, ask your seller what service they use to ship their orders, and be prepared to make other arrangements if necessary.

Ask the seller if tracking and/or shipping insurance is included with the shipment. If not, ask if they can be added, especially if what you’re buying is valuable. While you may pay more to use these services, the added peace of mind may be worth it.