How do I manage inventory?

It is absolutely crucial to ensure proper inventory practices are kept up with so there is no confusion when buyers are purchasing your products.

Keep close track of inventory and closely maintain/update the level. For example, if you have 5 lbs of chicken of the woods available, list 5 units (pounds.. or you could use a different measurement, like 1/2lb, and list 10 units) for sale.

That way no customer will over-order from your shop! Over-orders are a pain and take a while to resolve in the system. Not to mention, you don’t want unhappy customers giving you bad reviews for improper management of products.

Not to worry! Here is a simple way to check your inventory for your products while adding them:

01. On the Add Product page, scroll down to towards the bottom of the page and select the Inventory tab.

2. Make sure the Manage Stock? checkbox is checked. Enter the amount of units you have and choose whether or not you would like to receive backorders for the particular product. Backorders are essentially delayed orders that you send out to the buyer once they come into stock later on.

3. Be sure to save your and submit your product when you are done adding your inventory and other pertinent information.