Shipping Profiles: Setting up Flat Rate Shipping

A shipping profile defines the flat shipping rates for the places you ship to based on grouping.

Typically you would create one shipping profile for every “class” of products you ship. For instance, you might have a “Bulky Items” shipping profile for large, heavy products like Grow Kits that is a more expensive rate. Then you would have a “Tinctures” shipping profile that is cheaper for tinctures since they are lighter and smaller to ship.

We recommend using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rates to model your shipping profiles for an easy setup.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to setup Flat Rate shipping for your store:

1. Head to the Flat Rate Shipping Profiles page. Click the Add Profile button.

2. Fill out the appropriate rates for each location that you would like to add:

2a. Use the Everywhere Else option in the Region dropdown for a basic flat rate:

2b. Want to have different rates for different states? Go to the Region dropdown and select United Sates (US) as the option to populate the state names to choose from. Setting each state’s rate will override the Region shipping rate that you set. Here’s an example:

2c. To add another shipping profile, simply hit the Save button. Then click the Add Profile button again.

3. To use these profiles on a particular product, you can go here to read how to do it.